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The Amazing Race 17 Recap: Boxing, Bicycle, School Of Ghana

Posted by on October 11, 2010 at 11:44 AM EST

the amazing race 17The Amazing Race 17 aired last night and teams enjoyed boxing and bicycles in Ghana.

The Amazing Race 17 with host Phil Keoghan continued its stint in Ghana when it pitted the remaining teams and against sweltering heat and intellectual obstacles last night on CBS.

Last week on The Amazing Race 17, Andie and Jenna said bon voyage as they came in last to the pit stop. Marking the 2nd team of Amazing Race to go, we start this week back in Ghana.  Brook and Claire, who came in first last week will be the first to depart on this leg of The Amazing Race.

The first clue of last nights Amazing Race has teams heading to the Akotoku Boxing Academy for some basic training. Brook and Claire arrive first and Brook takes on the challenge. Teams must wrap their hands; punch a bag and then jump rope. Brooke bangs out all of these tasks and then heads to their next challenge. As of the Boxing task, Nat and Kat (doctors) are in last place.

Meet The Teams Of The Amazing Race 17

Once the teams finished at the boxing academy, the must head across town to a supply depot. This is where things get quite interesting on The Amazing Race 17. It seems as if the teams can’t read instructions too well. The teams must acquire the following materials and head to a nearby school:

  • A Pair of Wheelbarrows
  • 1 Bag of Concrete
  • 2 Shovels
  • 2 Bricks
  • 2 Brooms
  • 2 Troughs
  • 2 Scrapers

This list seems simple enough right? Not even in the slightest. Obviously people don’t know that a pair means two and not one. The first team at this roadblock is Connor and Jonathan. These two Acapella singers are the only team of The Amazing Race 17 that got this challenge correct the first time. Every other team either forgot an item or had too many of an item and were sent back to start all over.

Catch Up With The Amazing Race 17 With A Recap Of Last Weeks Episode

While the other teams of The Amazing Race struggle to read a list, Connor and Jonathan get schooled on African geography.

Once Connor and Jonathan successfully pinpointed the location of Ghana on the map, they were given their next clue. It was their Detour for this leg of The Amazing Race 17. Teams must choose between “Bicycle Parts” or “Language Arts.” The two men choose to go for language arts. They must now decipher a picture key and then find the symbols in a row on a gigantic hanging sheet. Somehow they manage to do this with ease and find Phil Keoghan at the finish line where they are deemed as 1st place.

Now that we know who won last nights Amazing Race, let us get to the hilarious part of the show. Once the other teams arrive at the Detour, almost all of them choose to do the Language Arts task. At first, Brook and Claire think that they have to draw circles around the African school kids with their chalk. Of course, the rest of the teams see them doing this, so they follow along and begin circling the kids. I was dying laughing at this point, as the teams had no clue at all what to do.

Gary and Mallory, who decided to do the Bicycle Parts task, reached Phil Keoghan and came in 2nd place on last night’s episode of The Amazing Race 17.

Chad and Stephanie finally leave the Language Arts task, head to the Bicycle Parts challenge and pull together as a team to finish in 3rd place.

Katie and Rachel who struggled with the Bicycle Parts detour of The Amazing Race last night, managed to come in 4th place.

Nick and Vicki, despite Nick being a complete douche to Vicki, checked in with Phil Keoghan and were told that they were in 5th place.

Arriving at the same time as Nick and Vicki, Brook and Claire (Watermelon Lovers)  find out that they have taken 6th place in last nights leg of The Amazing Race 17.

Jill and Thomas take 7th place while Nat and Kat come in 8th.

That just left father and son team, Michael and Kevin who managed to finish, despite the medical problems of Kevin, were told that this was a non-elimination leg of The Amazing Race. Next week they will have to take on a Speedbump, which is a challenge that no other teams have to do, except for them.

Find out what happens when The Amazing Race 17 returns next Sunday night at 8:30|7:30c on CBS.



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