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Bristol Palin Brings Sexy Back On Dancing With The Stars

Posted by on October 10, 2010 at 1:33 PM EST

bristol palin sexyBristol Palin plans to bring sexy back on DWTS this week.

I have started to think that Bristol Palin (and I guess this would include her mom Sarah Palin as well) is incapable of actually following through with doing something that she says she is going to do. I have covered the fact that it is an oddity that Bristol is even on Dancing With The Stars. She isn’t a star. She doesn’t have a TV show. She’s not a musician or an athlete. She is famous for getting pregnant at 17 and the world finding out when her mom became John McCain’s running mate. Yet for the non-star of the show she seems to make all the headlines because of the things she says and does.

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When it was announced that Bristol Palin was going to be on Dancing With the Stars Season 11 she was quick to point out that she wouldn’t be sacrificing her conservative beliefs while on the show. This meant that she would not be wearing any overly sexy/revealing outfits and she wouldn’t be doing anything overtly sexual during the dances. Of course both of those things were tossed out the door on the very first episode of the show. Bristol Palin started her first dance dressed in a business suit that she quickly tore off to reveal a very short dress. Her first dance ended with her leg wrapped around her partner and his hands on her ass. Very conservative if you ask me.

Her second dance was much more conservative. The dance itself didn’t call for any real wild moves and Bristol Palin was wearing an odd dress that gave her plenty of coverage. Dance number three was also pretty conservative. I found myself thinking that maybe Bristol was kind of poking fun at herself in the first dance and was going to stay conservative from there on out. It was as if it were her way of saying, “See, I can be sexy if I want, but I don’t have to be.” That her scores improved as she put on more clothes only reinforced that idea.

But then this week, apparently, things are going to change. It was announced that this week Bristol Palin and her partner Mark Ballas will be doing a “sexy” dance. Bristol has said that she needs to get into character so she will be dressing sexy. But this is the last time, she says. I think we’ve heard that before. It sounds an awful lot like her telling kids to not have sex until they are married. She had said that before, but then got pregnant and had a baby and now conveniently she is saying it again. It is like saying, “You shouldn’t have sex until you get married. And I won’t do it again, I mean it this time.”

For me, the bottom line seems to be that the Palin women just can’t help themselves. They say one thing, then do another, then rationalize why they weren’t wrong in saying what they did. It is a whole new special kind of crazy. It reminds me of a girl I used to know who would get drunk and parties then take all her clothes off. The next day she would swear that she didn’t have a problem and that she just had a few drinks. As it turns out she was blacking out and not remembering it. It took video proof of her running around a house full of people naked before she realized she had a drinking problem. I think the Palins may have a truth telling problem. It will be interesting to see how long Bristol’s promise to not dress sexy lasts after this week. I have a feeling if she starts scoring better and makes I deeper into the competition the sexy outfits will be making a comeback.

Tune in to see how sexy Bristol Palin gets when Dancing With The Stars airs tomorrow night at 8|7c on ABC.



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