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John Stamos: Full Of Glee After Blackmail Sentence

Posted by on October 9, 2010 at 6:25 PM EST

john stamos blackmailJohn Stamos’ career is hot right now and after today a long lasting issue with blackmailers has finally been put to rest so he can focus again on doing what he does best.

Last week I reported about John Stamos wishing to make a statement during the sentencing hearing for Scott Sippola and Allison Coss in Michigan. He wished to be heard by the court, but his commitments to the show Glee (which he recently joined the cast of) kept him from making the trip. He had requested that he be allowed to send in a video or appear via video conference. While he was not able to appear in video a written statement from him was read aloud in court. When the hearing was over the judge sentenced both Coss and Sippola to four years in prison.

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This brings to end a story of lies and blackmail that began in 2004. John Stamos had recently separated from then wife Rebecca Romijn and was in Florida during spring break for some appearances. It was there he met Coss who told him she was in college and on spring break. In reality she was in high school and was just 17 years old. He invited her and several other people back to his hotel where they all hung out for a little while then everyone left. It was innocent enough, just people having a good time during spring break.

Sometime after this Coss met Sippola and the two began a relationship. Together they hatched a plan. They contacted John Stamos (who had occasionally talked via email to Coss) and told him that they had some incriminating photos of him from that night including pictures that featured him with cocaine and strippers. They also claimed that they had pictures of him nude in a hot tub with a barely dressed teenager. They told him that if he didn’t pay them $680,000 they would sell the pictures to the tabloids and make them public.  The problem with Allison Coss And Scott Sippola’s plan is that there were no such pictures so John Stamos had nothing to fear. He immediately contacted the FBI who began an investigation. The two were arrested in December of 2009.

John Stamos, via his letter, called Coss and Soppola’s actions “reprehensible.” In the letter he spoke candidly of his outrage at having to sit by and see his good name slandered as Coss lied during the trial and fabricated events. The press then reported those events which forced Stamos to further defend himself against something that never happened.

Coss was too emotional to speak and broke down as her sentence was read. Sippola apologized for his actions saying that his “conduct was awful.” He also said he understood John Stamos’ outrage and would feel the same way if it were him in that situation.

The moral of this story is “Don’t mess with Uncle Jesse!”

John Stamos can be seen on the hit show Glee where he plays the nitrous oxide happy dentist that all the girl are in love with.



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