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Elisabeth Hasselbeck: From Survivor To Good Morning America

Posted by on October 9, 2010 at 6:12 PM EST

elisabetha hasselbeck good morning americaElisabeth Hasselbeck goes from Survivor to Good Morning America.

The TV show Survivor is now in its 21st season. Over 21 seasons they have had a lot of different contestants who have stuck out and are remembered by fans of the show. Yet, beyond the realm of Survivor, Elisabeth Hasselbeck seems to be the only former cast member who has gone on to really have a show business career. She is now she expanding that career as she signs on the appear on Good Morning America.

Elisabeth Hasselbeck was on the second season of Survivor in 2001. She made it to day 39 and was voted off. She finished 4th overall. Shortly after that she started hosting the Style Network show The Look For Less. She would host that show for two seasons before joining The View in 2003. Initially she was one of a number of guest hosts who filled in when Lisa Ling left the show. She clicked with the other women and was offered the job. Hasselbeck is considered the “conservative” on the panel. She says she considers herself an independent, but typically she does take the conservative point of view during debates. She has also appeared at republican rallies and campaign events where she introduced vice presidential nominee turned Dancing With the Stars Mom Sarah Palin.

There have been other notable members of the Survivor casts, but none with the saying power of Elisabeth Hasselbeck. Many remember Rupert the lovable hippie, or Rudy the old codger from the first season. Richard Hatch, the first ever winner of Survivor has been in the news when he served time in jail for tax evasion. Some contestants go on to short lived fame as they cash in on their temporary popularity from the show, but none of them save for Hasselbeck has been able to turn it into a full time job.

Elisabeth Hasselbeck will continue to appear on The View as normal, but she will also now appear as a part-time correspondent for Good Morning America. The producers of the show says she will be covering hot-button family and lifestyle issues. Her first piece about the growing trend of parents and kids getting tattoos together will air on Monday. There is no word yet on how often she will appear on Good Morning America, but it looks as if this will be an occasional thing that could last a long time.

The tribe may have spoken and voted her off in 4th place, but America clearly likes Elisabeth Hasselbeck because her post-Survivor career has done nothing but get bigger and bigger.



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