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Jenn Sterger: Brett Favre Save Your Junk For Deanna Favre!

Posted by on October 8, 2010 at 2:54 PM EST

jenn stergerThe scandal between Brett Favre and the sexy Deanna Favre lookalike, Jen Sterger has once again resurfaced.

The Minnesota Vikings quarterback Brett Favre is in some serious hot water due to the recent Jenn Sterger allegations against him. Before we get into the details of these rumors, let it be clear that we feel bad for Deanna Favre and his family, as these are some pretty disheartening claims against Brett Favre.

Onwards with the steamy allegations made against the 41 year old Brett Favre. It all started when not too long ago, Favre played for the New York Jets. It is said that he was infatuated with the in-house reporter, Jenn Sterger. I mean after seeing her pictures, I really don’t blame him. Surprisingly, Jenn resembled Favre’s wife, Deanna Favre, so much that they could almost be twins. So far so good right? Favre has an infatuation with someone who resembles his wife, no harm in that.

Now let’s get on to the creepy aspect of this whole story. While Jenn Sterger never went on record with this, she claims that Brett Favre began to stalk her. So much so that she eventually quit the New York Jets as she got tired of it. Now is this just another scandalous rumor by a chick trying to get rich quick? As much as I want to believe Brett Favre is a nice guy and a devout family man, some evidence that Deadspin has released tells a different story.

Voicemails that Brett Favre allegedly sent to Jennifer Sterger are pretty damn creepy. Hopefully they turn out to be fake or something because I don’t want to believe that Brett Favre is a pervert. Let’s not even mention the alleged pics of his manhood that he texted to Jenn Sterger.

Favre was asked yesterday in an interview about the Jenn Sterger Pics and the whole situation surrounding the cheating allegations. All favre would say is that  his hands were full with the Jets.

It seems like the New York Jets are just full of controversy when it comes to female reporters. If you missed it check out the recent Ines Sainz Jets Locker Room Debacle.

Once we find out the truth behind the Brett Favre and Jenn Sterger rumor we will be sure to let you know.



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