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‘The Apprentice’ Recap: Viral Popcorn Trumps Tyana

Posted by on October 8, 2010 at 1:28 PM EST

the apprentice tyana firedThe Apprentice Season 10 returned last night and here is a recap of how guerilla marketing viral popcorn defeated Tyana.

Donald Trump and his hit television show ‘The Apprentice‘ returned last night for its 4th episode on NBC. The episode begins with Tyana meeting rap/ mogul Russell Simmons as a reward from last week’s victory over the men’s team. After her meet and greet with Russell Simmons, Tyana rejoined the women’s team to go meet up with Donald Trump to find out their task for the week.

For the men, Clint decided to take charge and volunteered to be the project manager. On the other side, Mahsa decided to take on the role of the Project Manager for the 4th task of The Apprentice Season 10.

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In last night’s task on The Apprentice, both teams were tasked to create a Guerilla Marketing Stunt for Popcorn Indiana. Charlie Todd (viral marketing extraordinaire) made a guest appearance to help each team with the creation of their viral video to promote the popcorn company.

Coming off of the Apprentice Puppy Hotel challenge of last week and the departure of James, the guy’s team seemed to be getting along for this new task on The Apprentice Season 10. On the side of the task, the women seemed a little bit disbanded and it was clear right away that not many of the women like Tyana.

Amidst the discussion of their violent, popcorn fight viral video, David somehow broke his tooth on a bagel. While he had to leave to go on a “dental emergency,” the rest of the team continued to work.

Ivanka Trump goes to visit the boys of The Apprentice as they plan their popcorn pillow fight in the streets of New York City. Of course, Ivanka Trump does not think that the video will be a hit success on the Internet. Meanwhile, Donald Trump Jr. takes a visit to Tyana and the women’s team at Gold’s Gym. It seems as if there idea for the viral Popcorn Indiana video is to have people working out while eating the popcorn. Jr. says that Mahsa is doing an excellent job as the Project Manager while he notices some of the other team members doing nothing.

After the teams of The Apprentice Season 10 finished their videos for Popcorn Indiana, they headed to the boardroom to face Donald Trump. While the men had nothing but good things to say about Clint and his role of Project Manager, the women’s team fell to pieces. When asked if anyone thought the women’s team lost, Tyana raised her deceitful hand and thus drove the nail in her own coffin.

Donald Trump announces that Popcorn Indiana loved the men’s viral video and won the 4th task of The Apprentice.

Mahsa picks Tyana and Liza to head back into the boardroom with her and the claws begin to fly. Ultimately Tyana is fired from The Apprentice Season 10 after her lack of motivation towards this week’s task.

Donald Trump, Ivanka Trump and Donald Trump Jr. will return next Thursday night when The Apprentice Season 10 airs at 10|9c on NBC.



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