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Survivor Nicaragua Recap: Jimmy T The Tribal Council Has Spoken

Posted by on October 7, 2010 at 11:51 AM EST

survivor nicaragua jimmy tIt was a wet, miserable week on Survivor: Nicaragua and in the end another castaway talked themselves off the island.

As this week’s episode of Survivor Nicaragua on CBS started, the older tribe was tired and wet. It was pouring rain and they were already worn out from the long tribal council that saw Jimmy Johnson get voted out. Their shelter is decent, but it doesn’t keep out all the rain so conditions are generally miserable. As morning arrives the older tribe finds the lagoon where they were fishing washed away by a flood. The beach is covered in driftwood and the water is muddy. Jimmy T tries to show them that they can still fish, but he has no luck and seems to just annoy people.

Over at the younger tribe of Survivor: Nicaragua they weathered the storm a little better, but are still annoyed with NaOnka. NaOnka and Brenda take the clue and together they find the hidden immunity idol. Not long after finding it Kelly B. and Alina try to use Kelly’s clue to find the idol. While they are there NaOnka goes to them and basically tells them she hates them and will never like them. She is trying to start a fight with them but they aren’t having it. They let her rant like a bitch then leave. Of course there is no Survivor idol to be found.

Treemail brings a clue to the challenge. The Survivor: Nicaragua tribes will be blindfolded while one of them shouts out directions to them. The older tribe picks Tyrone to lead them in the challenge and they spend the afternoon practicing. At the actual challenge Dan once again sits out for the older tribe and we find out that the caller must navigate their tribe members through an obstacle course and have them return items to the starting point. The winner gets immunity and they get to pick three items from a chest full of very helpful gear. The younger tribe uses their medallion of power so they start with two of the items already on their mat. As the challenge unfolds it becomes clear that Jimmy T can’t take direction. He wanders all over the place and does nothing to help them. The young tribe, with Brenda as their caller, jumps out to fast lead. The older tribe gives it they’re all, but once again falls short on last nights Survivor: Nicaragua. The young tribe selects cooking utensils, fishing gear and a tarp for their rewards.

Back at the older tribe’s camp moral is down. They are all hungry and tired of losing. Some people want to vote out Dan because it turns out he has told the tribe because of his knees he can’t do anything where he will have to walk or run in mud. Others want Jimmy T. He is annoying people and demands to lead even though he sucks at the challenges. In his mind he is great.

While the deliberations at the older camp continue the younger tribe gets home. Chase finds a clue to the hidden immunity idle among the fishing gear. He pulls Brenda aside so she can help him get it. Eventually, when they are alone, she tells him that she helped NaOnka find it already, but he can’t tell NaOnka because she will see it as a betrayal

The older tribe goes to tribal council where Jimmy T can’t stop talking about himself. He annoys the tribe and it becomes clear that he can’t understand why everyone else doesn’t see how great he is. He eventually says he will stop asking for a leadership role if that is what the tribe wants, but it isn’t enough to save him. By a 5-3 vote (the other three all cast for Dan) Jimmy T is voted off of Survivor: Nicaragua.

Survivor: Nicaragua will return next week at 8|7c on CBS.



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