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‘Survivor’ Nicaragua: Preview Tribal Life After Jimmy Johnson

Posted by on October 6, 2010 at 4:20 PM EST

survivor nicaraguaThere is a storm brewing on Survivor: Nicaragua and if the previews for tonight’s episode are correct it comes ashore and reeks havoc on the younger tribe.

Last week on Survivor: Nicaragua we saw the older tribe lose a very close challenge and two-time Super Bowl winning coach Jimmy Johnson was sent home. I’m still not 100% sure why they sent him home. Dan’s knees are so bad he can barely get out of bed in the morning and he has trouble just walking around. Somehow the older tribe decided he was more valuable to them than one of the great leaders in modern sports history.

There was also trouble brewing at the younger camp as NaOnka smashed some of the fruit they won as reward in the immunity challenge as she wrestled with Kelly B. to get to the hidden immunity idol clue they had both seen in the fruit basket. NaOnka has the clue, but can’t figure it out. Her actions and annoying personality are clearly alienating her from her tribe.

This week both Survivor Nicaragua tribes will face tests. The older tribe now must find a way to come together and win a challenge or two. Their moral has to be low and if they keep losing challenges it will just drag them down further. It could take them to a place where they can’t recover and with Jimmy Johnson gone there is nobody left who cares to take a leadership position and try to pep talk the team.

It looks as though things come to a head over at the younger tribe. Kelly B. and Alina have the first clue to the location of the hidden Survivor Nicaragua immunity idol at their camp. NaOnka, after her beat down of Kelly B., has both the first and second clues. A mad race ensues as people search for the Survivor: Nicaragua idol.  It appears that NaOnka finally comes fully unhinged and lashes out at her tribe mates. The question is this: Does she do this because she finds the idol and now feels like she is safe? Or does she do this because she is frustrated with them not liking her and her not finding the idol? She is a little crazy so it could be for a whole different reason as well.

While I have no solid information, I feel the older tribe will capitalize on the chaos of the younger tribe and win the immunity challenge tonight on Survivor Nicaragua. The younger tribe will be sent to tribal council and one of Shannon’s old alliance mates will be voted out. I would say that NaOnka would get voted out, but I think her tribe might fear she has the idol and I also think they realize that everyone hates her so she isn’t much of threat to win the whole thing. They can keep her around and vote her out later at their leisure.

There should be plenty of fireworks on this episode of Survivor Nicaragua so tune in tonight at 8|7c on CBS to watch it all go down.



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