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Lil Wayne Solitary Confinement Because of MP3 Player

Posted by on October 5, 2010 at 6:00 PM EST

lil wayneLil Wayne will be spending his remaining prison sentence in solitary confinement due to his MP3 player.

Lil Wayne just can’t stay out of trouble. The rapper is already behind bars serving a one-year sentence on weapons charges stemming from a 2007 incident where a loaded semi-automatic weapon was found on his tour bus. He could get out after serving eight months. If he gets out after eight months it would put his release date sometime in late October or early November. It is going to be a long, lonely few weeks because today Lil Wayne was moved to solitary confinement as punishment for an incident earlier this year.

The incident in question involves Lil Wayne sneaking some headphones, a charger and an MP3 player into his jail cell. These items are actually allowed in jail, but they must come from the prison commissary. The incident took place back in May, but his punishment just came down today.

Lil Wayne will now spend 23 hours per day in his cell. During his one hour of recreation time he will not be allowed to socialize with other inmates. His phone privileges have been cut to one call per week (not counting conversations with his lawyer) and he will eat his meals in his cell. He also no longer has access to a TV. All Lil Wayne will have is his own thoughts.

Lil Wayne’s incarceration has done nothing too cool off his red-hot career. He currently has a couple of very hot singles on the chart and his new album “I Am Not a Human Being” is being released on October 12th. It is sure to debut at or near the top of the charts.



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