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Bruce Willis Meaty Tribute To Lady Gaga On David Letterman

Posted by on October 5, 2010 at 5:40 PM EST

bruce willis meatBruce Willis has gone all Lady Gaga and Letterman loves it.

Last night Bruce Willis appeared on Late Night With David Letterman. He came out wearing a “meat hairpiece.” He said Lady Gaga who he referred to as, “That crazy person” inspired it. Letterman seemed impressed as he told Willis, “It is a marvelous piece of work. You get great coverage with it.” When asked how he cared for it Willis simply said that it is easy to maintain. He joked, “Showering? Not a problem, I took a shower a couple hours ago. Lather, rinse, repeat, and tenderize.”

Letterman was enjoying himself and laughing when Bruce Willis asked if he was hungry? Willis pulled out a salt and pepper shaker, seasoned his “hair piece” then handed Dave a fork and offered him a bite. Letterman, undeterred, reached out and took a piece of the raw meat hair and as the crowd cheered him on ate it. He chewed several times, apparently contemplating if he liked it or not, then held up a finger, got up and walked backstage where he apparently spit it out. When he returned to his desk, he said to Willis and the adoring audience. “Sorry about that, I just realized I had left a cab out front.” It appears Bruce’s hair looks better than it tastes.

Is Lady Gaga starting a trend? She wore a raw meat bikini on the cover of Vanity Fair then wore a raw meat gown to the VMA‘s. As she won her award (presented by Cher) she handed Cher her purse then told the crowd, “This is so strange. I just asked Cher to hold my meat purse.”

Personally, it all sounds sexual to me. I’m going to start using the word meat purse and meat hairpiece in as pick up lines. I will also be throwing in LeBron James’ announcement when he said “I’m taking my skills to South Beach.” It should work flawlessly. I can hit on a girl and tell her, “Hey baby. Let’s get out of here and got my car where I can take my skills to south beach and handle your meat purse.” She will think I’m hitting on her when I’m really asking her to go to Miami and watch the VMA’s. What could go wrong?



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