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Bristol Palin Treads Water With Kyle Massey And Kurt Warner On DWTS

Posted by on October 5, 2010 at 5:04 PM EST

dwts bristol palinBristol Palin, Kurt Warner and Kyle Massey find themselves in the middle of the pack on DWTS.

As the weeks go by on Dancing With the Stars Season 11 we see some dancers start to separate themselves from the pack and we see others fall back. There are still a few (Bristol Palin, Kurt Warner and Kyle Massey) that are hanging in there and threatening to make a move one-way or the other.

Kurt Warner is right on the verge of being a contender. He has improved this week and seems to do well when the dances let him be physical and active. This week’s DWTS fox trot presented him with the challenge of having to be delicate and soft. It wasn’t easy for Kurt Warner and at times he lost his concentration. Still, he is a great guy and is working very hard to improve. This week he got a very good score of 23 and the NFL fans will keep him around to dance another day. I seem him as on the rise. He is just outside the ring of top Dancing With The Stars contenders and is threatening to join them.

Bristol Palin seems to get involved in one controversy after another. If it isn’t the noise about all the security needed because her mom (Sarah Palin) is coming to the show it is the criticism that she isn’t really a star, but is just famous because of her mom or it is even the most recent nacho-gate scandal where she may have been in a bar while being under age. Bristol Palin can’t seem to dodge it. Controversy aside (and there are even others I didn’t mention here) Dancing With the Stars is about the dancing and she seems to take one step forward then one step back from week to week. The judges like her and I think they might take it a little easy on her because she isn’t an entertainer. Last week they praised her and said she was on the rise, this week she fell back to the pack. It seems like she can’t move forward, but she is doing just well enough to not fall back with the rear of the 2010 DWTS pack.

Kyle Massey could easily be up with the contenders. He has scored very well each week and seems to be having a blast doing Dancing With The Stars Season 11. He has genuine chemistry with his partner and enough energy to power a small city. This week he showed a new side of himself as he calmed things down and did a very good waltz. My only reservation about him is the support he gets from the audience. It seems like he may not be getting a lot of fan support, which could cause him to fall a little short. I think he has what it takes to compete for the title; it is all up the fans to get behind him and give him some love.

Of these three I think Kurt Warner and Kyle Massey have the best chance of moving up. I don’t think Bristol Palin will get worse, but I think she will just tread water until enough people have been eliminated that it just becomes her time to go because there is no longer anyone below her.

The Live Results show of DWTS Season 11 will air tonight at 9|8c on ABC.



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