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Dancing With The Stars Season 11 Recap: Audrina Patridge Moves Into Top Spot

Posted by on October 5, 2010 at 1:07 PM EST

dancing with the starsDancing With The Stars Season 11 week 3 has come and gone and the dancers are starting to feel the pressure.

Rolling into Week 3 of Dancing With the Stars Season 11 there were clear favorites (Jennifer Grey, Brandy and Rick Fox), some who where improving (Kurt Warner and Audrina Patridge) and some just holding on (The Situation and Margaret Cho). This week was story week on DWTS, which should allow the dancers to show more of their personalities than past week. It could be good for some and not so good for others.

Check Out The DWTS Judges Scores Breakdown

Jennifer Grey was the first to dance. She was feeling the pressure of being the leading scorer from the past two weeks of the 2010 DWTS competition and wanted to continue to impress the judges. She had a little trouble learning the harder steps of the Samba at rehearsal, but she put it all together and danced well. The judges criticized her a little bit, but then gave her a 24.

Florence Henderson who did a waltz to the story and music of The Sound of Music followed Jennifer Grey. She had actually performed The Sound of Music on Broadway and felt very comfortable with the dance. Her performance was simple, clean and emotional. The judges liked her, but worried that she might have been a little too safe and simple. They rewarded her with a 20, her highest score so far on this season of Dancing With The Stars.

Kurt Warner was the first of the men to perform this week on Dancing With The Stars Season 11. He was doing the fox trot and seemed to have trouble connecting with the delicate side of the dance. His partner set him to have a tea party with his young daughters who taught him a lesson in being delicate. His dance was good; he really seems to be improving. Bruno Tonioli was a little harsh on him, but overall the judges liked him and rewarded him with a 23.

Margaret Cho admitted that she was worried. Cho is balancing her rehearsals with her stand up schedule. She seemed to get the dance down pretty well, but she was criticized by the judges for not having much of a story to her dance. Her 18 was one of the lowest scores of Dancing With The Stars week 3.

Audrina Patridge was rumored to have sprained her ankle during rehearsals, but didn’t look any worse for wear. This week on ‘Dancing With The Stars’ she set aside the sexy clothes in favor of a sheer, ethereal gown that seemed to float as she danced her waltz. She was good, emotional and the judges flat out loved her. She got a 26, this week’s highest score.

Bristol Palin had the unenviable task of following Audrina Patridge. She was very nervous during her DWTS week 3 rehearsals and seemed to be struggling to get the moves down. Her dance seemed a little slow and she missed some steps. The judges were not that impressed and felt she took a step back this week. They gave her a 19 and told her to keep working hard.

Brandy was in damage control mode. Last week it seemed like she and her partner Maksim were butting heads and she was being difficult. Brandy said those clips were just a few moments from a full week of rehearsals. Maksim seems like a real taskmaster. He smacks her on the ass and hips, talks sternly to her and is unrelenting. It seems like they are both a couple of Type A personalities who are destined to clash. It seemed to work though because she danced a very high energy Samba that impressed the Dancing With The Stars Season 11 judges to the tune of 24 points.

Kyle Massey had to dial it down this week. He was doing the waltz and needed to make it sexy, seductive and emotional, not the firestorm he normally is. The guy is just charming as hell and his good nature is infectious. Kyle Massey pulled it off well, oozing charisma as he waltzed his way to a 23.

The Situation once again struggled on this week of Dancing With The Stars. During his rehearsals he was getting frustrated with himself because he knows the steps, but can’t put them together in his head. He is trying hard, but can’t relax and let it come. His performance was odd. It was a futuristic fox trot set to the Black Eyed Peas Boom Boom Pow. It involved a time warp and a wardrobe change and the dance just seemed awkward. He got a 20 and the judges seem to like him, but he just looked out of his element.

Last to go was Rick Fox. As the rehearsal week progressed he was having trouble moving in a sexy manner. Finally his partner (or his smoking hot girlfriend Eliza Dushku) got him to relax and let loose. Fox had a blast and as his partner ripped open his shirt he showed the nation that he The Situation is not the only one on the show with abs. The DWTS judges loved it as did the crowd and he got a 24.

As the show closed we find out that Michael Bolton will return tonight to sing on the results show. Look for him to bring his A game to show Bruno Tonioli up. It was a good week on Dancing With The Stars Season 11 and it is starting to become more and more clear who the real contenders are. The surprise is that there are many of them so the competition is going to get good.

Tonight the Dancing With The Stars live results show will air at 9|8c on ABC.



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