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2010 DWTS: Kyle Massey Dominates The Dance Floor

Posted by on October 4, 2010 at 6:25 PM EST

kyle massey dwtsThe young Kyle Massey continues to dominate the DWTS dance floor.

Kyle Massey has been a very pleasant surprise in Dancing With the Stars Season 11. Massey has been less a surprise than a bolt of lightning exploding the dance floor. Nobody really knew what to expect of him in week 1 so when he hit the floor like a tornado he brought the audience to their feet. The judges were very impressed and rewarded him with a 23, which tied him with Brandy for the second highest score of the week. In week 2 he continued the performances, bringing so much energy to his dance that the judges told him he might need to bring it down a little bit for fear that he could miss a step or overstep a mark. Even with that criticism they gave him a 22. The crowd booed the score – they clearly thought he should have scored higher.

Before DWTS, Kyle Massey was best known for his roles on the Disney show That’s So Raven and his own spin-off show Cody in the House. He has rapped on a few soundtracks as well. It was hard to know how well the adult audience would accept a star that was mostly known by their kids. He may have suffered from that lack of popularity in Week 1 where it came down to him and David Hasselhoff as the last two standing. Hasselhoff went home and in Week 2 of Dancing With The Stars Kyle Massey never seemed in danger.

Of all the pairs it seems like Massey and his partner Lacey Schwimmer have the best chemistry. They are close in age (he is 19 and she 22) and they are the youngest pair in the show. They seem to have fun together and seemed very relaxed around each other. It seems like every season on DWTS there is a couple that ends up dating. Maybe Kyle and Lacey will be that pair this year. If Kyle Massey has any weaknesses in the show it could be his physical fitness and the questions about his popularity with the audience. Lacey has him on a diet and has him on an exercise routine. If he can connect with the audience, stay healthy and keep the energy and joy he has danced with up, he could make a long way.

Kyle Massey and Lacey Schwimmer continue to dominate the dance floor on DWTS tonight at 8|7c on ABC.



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