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‘Dexter’ Season 5: Hello Bandit Episode Recap

Posted by on October 4, 2010 at 4:55 PM EST

dexter season 5Dexter Season 5 recap of the second episode ‘Hello Bandit’ last night on Showtime.

Dexter Season 5 had picked up right where Season 4 had ended. Rita (Julie Benz) had been killed at the hands of the Trinity Killer (John Lithgow) then Dexter (Michael C. Hall) dispatched of Trinity, but did so before finding Rita. In the first episode of Dexter Season 5 dealt with the aftermath of Rita’s death and their kids. Episode 2 continues that struggle as Dexter tries to balance his grief as well as his responsibilities as a parent with his need to carry out his dark business.

Dexter finally meets with the FBI. They tell him that they know he couldn’t be Rita’s killer because he was with the group that was raiding the Trinity Killer’s house at the time of her death. He has no information for them and they seem to be satisfied that he had nothing to do with her murder.

Dexter, Astor (Christina Robinson), Cody (Preston Bailey) and Debra (Jennifer Carpenter) are all crammed into Debra’s small one bedroom apartment. Astor wants to go home, she wants to live in their old house, but Dexter doesn’t think that is a very good idea. Instead he goes to the house and packs up some of their stuff. While he is there the neighbor (the guy Rita once kissed and Dexter punched) comes over to tell Dexter how sorry he is. He also tells Dexter that he knows how hard it is being a single dad and what sacrifices Dexter is going to have to make in order to do it. He offers his help, but Dexter turns him down flat. Dexter is clearly overwhelmed with grief and responsibility.

To aid the move Dexter rents a moving truck. He notices a small spot of blood in the back and it eats at him. After moving into the apartment Dexter and Harrison can’t sleep. He grabs his forensics kit and takes the baby down to the truck. There he does some tests and sees there was once a lot of blood, including two small hand prints, in the back of this truck. After some research he finds out who the last person to use it was and starts the hunt. Dexter decides that he needs to be a good killer, needs to be on the hunt, if he is to be a good father.

His search leads him to a man named Boyd who cleans up road kill for the city. Dexter checks the man’s house and finds some suspicious things including a lock of hair with a numbered tag around it. Dexter follows Boyd and watches him dump a large 55-gallon drum into a swamp area out-of-town.

Meanwhile the FBI is down to just one lead. A guy Arthur Mitchel’s (AKA The Trinity Killer) family called Kyle Butler (Dexter’s alias as he tracked and learned from Trinity). They give the police artist’s sketches, but there aren’t many leads other than the fact that a guy named Kyle Butler had been murdered several months ago and it was still unsolved.

Sergeant Batista (David Zayas) finds something out about his new wife, LT. Laguerta (Lauren Vélez) that bothers him. She has a bank account with $280,000 in it that she never told him about. He finally confronts her about it and she tells him she has been saving for many years to get that money and that he is somewhat frivolous with money so she never told him about it. He takes it wrong and is not very happy.

Debra is claustrophobic with everyone packed into her apartment, stays the night at Quinns (Desmond Harrington) but sleeps on the couch. He wants to talk about what happened between them, but she doesn’t even admit it happened. Quinn is curious about Kyle Butler. He takes the different artists drawings from the Mitchel family and pieces them together into a drawing that looks like Dexter.

Things finally come to a head on Dexter Season 5 when the kids skip school to go to their house and see where their mom died. Astor blames Dexter for making her feel like life could be normal with him. She also says she doesn’t want to live with him. Dexter lets she and Cody (who would rather stay with Dexter) go live with their grandparents. Now that two of the three kids are gone, Dexter has more time to pursue Boyd. He drives back out to the swamp, wades into the water and opens up the drum where he finds the body of a woman. As he stands there deciding what to do next, Debra calls Quinn and admits that they had sex and she wants to talk about it. The episode comes to an end as Dexter uses his flashlight to look around the dumpsite. He sees several other drums, all clearly containing victims, and he wonders about how this kill will help him. Normally, he says, having someone to kill gives him purpose and drive, but now he feels nothing and he is unsure if there is anything out there that will ever make him feel better.

Dexter Season 5 returns next Sunday night at 9PM ET/PT on Showtime.



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