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Florence Henderson Shines On Dancing With The Stars Season 11

Posted by on October 4, 2010 at 5:10 PM EST

dancing with the starsFlorence Henderson might be the oldest contestant on Dancing With The Stars season 11, but she is handing tough.

Florence Henderson is not letting her age hold her back on Dancing With the Stars Season 11. Florence Henderson, best know as Carol Brady from the iconic show The Brady Bunch, is clearly very popular with the cast and the audience of the 2010 DWTS competition. Her dancing has been a pleasant surprise and she seems to be having a very good time.

View The Judges Scores For Florence  Henderson From DWTS Week 2

Week 1 saw Florence Henderson, like most of the contestants a little bit nervous, but she did very well and got an 18, which put her in the middle of the pack. Week 2 of Dancing With The Stars found her having so much fun she was even making fun of The Situation and his famous abs. She really is having a good time and takes the floor like the seasoned performer that she is. Florence got a 19 in Week 2, which again put her in the middle of the pack and again the audience loved her. Florence Henderson easily survived the elimination round.

My worry about Florence on Dancing With The Stars is two fold. Will she have the stamina it will take to learn a new dance week in and week out and will she be able to take her dancing up a notch to compete with the dancers like Jennifer Grey, Kyle Massey and Rick Fox? So far she seems to be handling the challenge of learning the dances with ease. She is spry so maybe the conditioning will not be a problem. As for taking her dancing up a notch . . .that is the big question. So far Florence Henderson hasn’t scored a 20 and it looks like the top dancers are on a different level than she. She is a great story and a lot of fun to watch on the show. I think she will survive until Margaret Cho, The Situation and maybe even a couple others are gone. America loves her and can carry her through that, but I have feeling she just doesn’t have it in her to take on the best dancers head-to-head. We can enjoy her while she is still around, but don’t be shocked if any given week over the next few is her last.

Be sure to check out Florence Henderson on Dancing With The Stars tonight at 8|7c on ABC.



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  1. I would like to see Florence win this season. Her and Corky have their own Hoodies that you could buy, too! Team Florky!

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