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Chris Bukowski: Ex Bachelor star retires from reality TV

Posted by on September 4, 2015 at 6:39 PM EST

Chris Bukowski

He’s been in no fewer than five Bachelor Nation shows – The Bachelorette, Bachelor Pad and Bachelor in Paradise among them.

Now Chris Buwowski, who’s 28, is leaving the franchise behind, although not before sounding off about reality TV.

His rant follows a less than stellar outing in Season 2 of B in P this week, and comes in an open online letter about his three years of fame, which began with The Bachelorette and  Emily Maynard.

That season was, it seems as good as it got, and things started going downhill when he was cast in Bachelor Pad 3 later the same year.

“”It almost completely ruined me, my family, and my career.”

Afterward, the Chicago native opened a bar in Washington D.C. and by 2014 he was ‘old news’.

Then he showed up uninvited during Andi Dorfman’s Bachelorette season, and was turned away after pleading with host Chris Harrison to be allowed to meet the beauty from Atlanta.

As he puts it: “My TV obsession had taken me down a dark road.” But he still signed for season 1 of Bachelor in Paradise though, despite, by his own admission, having become addicted to his anxiety medicine.

He met Elise Mosca, and they left early together, but broke up no long afterward.

He returned to Bachelor in Paradise last month because he needed a date for his sister’s wedding. He left without a memory of his time there, after “masking everything in my head behind ounces of alcohol.”

Now he says he can’t wait for his TV career to be over.

“After today I get to be me again. I want to be Chris once more.”

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