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Bristol Palin: Dancing Nachos Ready For DWTS Tonight On ABC

Posted by on October 4, 2010 at 3:17 PM EST

bristol palin dwtsBristol Palin is all full on nachos and ready for Dancing With The Stars tonight on ABC.

Nobody has garnered more press or controversy in DWTS Season 11 than Bristol Palin. There have been a lot of criticisms of her including that she is only on the show because of her mom (Sarah Palin) and that the judges are easier on her than other dancers because the producers want to keep her around for ratings. While there could be some truth to this (Bristol Palin is the only member of the Dancing With The Stars cast that isn’t in some area of the entertainment industry and the show has paid a lot of attention to her and her mom) all the talk can’t dance for her.

For DWTS, Week 1 saw Bristol Palin shed the conservative look she promised when she ripped off a suit she was wearing to reveal a very short, sexy dress. Her dance ended with her partner’s hands on her ass. The judges said they were pleasantly surprised and gave her an 18. Week 2 of DWTS saw her get a special behind the scenes piece about her and her partner Mark Ballas going to her home in Alaska. Of course her mom (Sarah Palin) made an appearance but actually came off well as she just seemed like a proud mom and not someone trying to get TV time. This special piece where Bristol Palin went to Alaska is where the Bristol Palin Nacho Scandal was birthed. While her trip home took away from her rehearsal time she danced pretty well, this time in a dress that looked like something I think I saw Marlon Brando wear in the movie Island of Dr. Moreau. Palin impressed the judges and got a 22.

As seems to be the norm, there was controversy around her. Her mom was in the audience and Tom Bergeron did a very short interview. There were some people who said she was booed by the audience and others that say the boos were aimed at the judges for the score they had just given Jennifer Grey and Derek Hough. Regardless, Bristol did well enough that the judge’s really heaped praise on her and she lived to dance another week. Maybe there is something to the controversy surrounding her and maybe the Palin women are simply lightning rods. To me she danced well enough to stay around for a few weeks but it seems clear to me that the best dancers like Jennifer Grey, Rick Fox and Kyle Massey are in a different league than Bristol Palin.

Britol Palin is stuffed full of nachos and ready to hit the dance floor when Dancing With The Stars Season 11 returns tonight at 8|7c on ABC.



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