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Big Brother USA – it’s back with a bang!

Posted by on June 26, 2015 at 7:21 AM EST

big brother recap night 2

If you thought the opener of Big Brother 17 was explosive enough – hold on to your seatbelts. It’s only going to get a whole lot crazier!

We’ve had two nights so far, with host Julie Chen introducing the guests and filling them in on the big twists for this season – The Battle of the Block and #BBTakeover.

Just as the guys were settling in with champagne and/or tea, the #BBTakeover alarm sounded.

Chen got Amazing Race host Phil Keoghan to introduce the first #BBTakeover twist – and to let two ex-Amazing Race contestants join the Big Brother house.

Jackie Ibarra, and Jeff Weldon, both friends and former participants in The Amazing Race 26, were the last two people to enter the BB den.

Stand-out BB contestants so far include self-described “Big Brother historian” Jason Roy, with his unbelievably bright, bold clothes, hard rocking John McGuire and superfan of the show Steve Moses.

Oh and there was Liz Nolan, who memorably said: “I don’t really have a filter, but I know how to control it!”

The first Head of Household contest was about the red carpet for a movie and James was crowned winner. The second was about the actors in the film, eventually won by Jason. Punishment for the first was tomato pelting, for the second it was being slimed by alien juice.

So what do you think of BB17 so far? Turned off? Or will you keep on tuning in?

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