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Did Bruno Tonioli cross a line on Dancing with the Stars?

Posted by on March 31, 2015 at 11:29 AM EST


This was Latin week on popular ABC hoofing show Dancing with the Stars, so perhaps a little fire in the blood was only to be expected.

And Bruno Tonioli has certainly never beeb one to keep his opinions to himself. But some are now saying a line has been crossed, as some controversial comments emerged from his critique this time around.

So what’s caused such a fuss? Well, once he’d seen Keo Motsepe and Charlotte McKinney’s somewhat lackluster performance, he came out with: “You may never win the Nobel Prize for physics, but you are easy on the eye and make wonderful shapes.”

The implication, of course, is that Charlotte is beautiful – so therefore must be without intelligence.

Both the audience and the rest of the judging panel immediately began to express their disappointment.

Tom Bergeron waded in with: “Neither will you,” to which Bruno responded: “No! I don’t look that great, either.”

Equally, the 59-year-old Italian choreographer and dancer seemed to be mouthing “Sorry” but for many fans, the apology came too little, too late.

As you can imagine, social media then went into meltdown, with the judge being called “a bully” and “mean” while others feel a public apology to Charlotte for his comments would be in order.

Do you agree? And will you still keep watching?

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