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The Amazing Race 17 Recap: Bon Voyage Jenna And Andie in Ghana

Posted by on October 4, 2010 at 12:07 PM EST

amazing race 17The Amazing Race 17 returned last night and said bon voyage to Jenna and Andie in Ghana.

When we last left the teams of The Amazing Race 17 we watched Claire take a watermelon to the face, recover from it and finish the challenge. We also saw Jill and Thomas reach the pit stop first and win the first ever Amazing Race Express Pass.

As episode two starts the teams leave Eastnor Castle and head to the airport where they fly to Accra, Ghana. All the teams of The Amazing Race 17 must share the same flight so any lead that a team may have had is now gone. When they hit the ground the teams scramble to get cabs. As they drive to their first destination some of the racers marvel at the scenery and how crowded and poor the place is. A driver even tells one pair of racers to hide their money as beggars reach into the cab and ask for money.

Meet The Teams of The Amazing Race 17

The first clue of The Amazing Race Season 17 leads the teams to a marketplace where one member of each team must sell sunglasses. They can sell them for no less than 3 Cedi (the Ghana dollar) and they have to sell $15 worth before they can get their next clue. Brook loves the challenge. She does sales for a living and takes to it like a bee to a flower. She quickly finds that A. Ghanese men like getting attention from her and B. Telling people they look like famous celebs in their sunglasses works wonders. It doesn’t take long and she has raised the $15 and they are on their way. Other teams try every method from begging to trying to sell them for higher prices so they only have to sell a couple pair. These attempts are met with mixed results as the teams struggle in the hot African sun. Jill is doing so poorly that Thomas actually considers using the Express Pass so they can get past this challenge. The last to arrive at this challenge is Mallory and Gary. Their cab broke down on the way there and they were forced to get another. Once at the challenge Mallory jumps in and actually does pretty well.

The next Amazing Race clue sends teams racing across the city to a motorcycle parts store. There they find a road block and must choose. They can go to an electronics store, get a TV antenna and install it on a person’s house or they can put a custom casket on a cart and wheel it to a store. The first few teams choose the TV antenna and meet with different degrees of luck. Installing the antenna isn’t hard. It is finding the right angle to get a good picture that is the challenge. Conner and Johnathan (known as team Glee) can’t get a picture to come in to save their lives. They scrap it and head for the coffin maker.

Claire and Brook finish installing their antenna at about the same time Katie and Rachel delivers their coffin. The two teams get the last clue and race towards the pit stop. The pit stop for this leg of The Amazing Race is in the middle of the Kaneshie Market, one of the largest outdoor markets in all of Western Africa. The teams arrive at almost the same time and must run through the crowded market in the blazing heat to find Phil Keoghan. Clair and Brooke finish first followed closely by Katie and Rachel.

Back at the Amazing Race 17 challenge other teams are finishing up and heading for the market but get caught in traffic jams. As they urge on their drivers the cabs start swerving in and out of oncoming traffic, driving between lanes of traffic and nearly crashing. One by the one the teams arrive. Mallory and Gary have been in last place all day and have had nothing but bad luck. When they hit the Amazing Race Season 17 finish line mat, Mallory is so out of breath she asks Phil Keoghan if anyone has ever had a heart attack on The Amazing Race. They got lucky and finished 9th. Jenna and Andie are the last to arrive. Phil tells them they are eliminated and they are sad, but take it well and say they are happy to have had this time to get to know each other. In a classy move Andie even says that she is glad Jenna got to grow up with the family she did because they helped turn her into a great person

For Jenna and Andie their time on The Amazing Race 17 has ended and we wish them the best of luck with their future and hope they can continue to keep in contact.

Tune in next week when The Amazing Race 17 returns Sunday Night at 8:30/7:30c on CBS.

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