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American Idol: A Recap

Posted by on February 6, 2015 at 9:33 AM EST



Hollywood week on American Idol continued as hopefuls vied for a place in the next round, as the dreaded group round kicked off.

While Gabby forgot her words, the judges let her through anyway, and she was joined by Kelly, Cody Fry, Lauren Lott, Shi, Rayvon and Maddy Walker.

Not so lucky was Andrew Annello, sent on his way despite his super-confidence. Dakota, keen to prove a drag queen could steal the show, was also sent home, after a spirited rendition of Natural Woman.

Also through were Jax and Qaasim, and both seem to have hit it off, sparking rumors of a showmance.

When Sal made it to the group round, he formed his group with girls including Jax and Kelly – and Alexis. But when it was time to perform, the latter seemed to have a panic attack was taken off stage. They were favorites, but what happens now will have to be seen next week.

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