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John Stamos Wants to Be Heard in Blackmail Sentencing

Posted by on October 2, 2010 at 9:40 PM EST

john-stamos-courtJohn Stamos wants to be heard in blackmail sentencing even though he can’t be there in person.

John Stamos, who most recently joined the cast of Glee as the nitrous oxide happy dentist – and object of all the female characters’ affection – Dr. Carl, has said that even though his schedule precludes him from being able to make it to federal court in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, he feels he should be heard.

The issue he wants to speak about involves the sentencing of Allison Coss and Scott Sippola. Coss and Sippola were found guilty of conspiracy and using e-mail to threaten a person’s reputation back in July. The two had conspired to blackmail Stamos for $680,000.

When the story previously broke it was Stamos himself that came forward. Coss and Sippola had contacted Stamos saying that they had some very embarrassing pictures of the ageless actor. They told him that if he didn’t give them the money they would release the pictures.

Stamos first met Coss in 2004 during spring break in Florida. Stamos had recently broken up with his wife when he met Coss (who was 17 at the time, but told Stamos she was in college) and others. He took a few pictures with her then invited her up to his hotel room. She alleged that he made sexual advances at her and that she spent the night. She also alleged that the pictures she had showed Stamos with strippers and drugs. John agreed that Coss was in his room, but that she was one of several people who came up and hung out, socialized for a few hours and left.

Coss occasionally spoke with John Stamos via email after their initial meeting, but things took a sinister turn when Scott Sippola got involved. He and Coss threatened to release the compromising pictures they had of Stamos unless they got the money they were asking for. The was one problem. The pictures don’t exist. Stamos knew this so he contacted the FBI and the two were arrested.

Coss and Sippola will be sentenced on Friday, October 8th. There is no word on what John Stamos would like to say to the court or what sentence the two will receive.

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