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Len Goodman Dishes on his Picky Eating!

Posted by on December 31, 2014 at 6:29 AM EST


He’s the Brit best known for his gruffness and affinity for “proper” ballroom dancing. But it seems that Dancing with the Stars judge Len Goodman isn’t only fussy when it comes to choreography. He just won’t anything that’s not “British” enough for his liking.

Already he is often odds with fellow judge Bruno Tonioli about what exactly outstanding choreography is. Now the two men have something else to squabble over – food.

Tonioli, for example, is known for his love of pasta, while Goodman claims never to have had a single mouthful of the stuff. He apparently calls it “worms with brown sauce.”

In a recent interview with popular UK TV show Room 101, Goodman confessed to a long history of super-fussy eating.

He claims: “My grandfather said don’t eat anything you can’t spell or wouldn’t want to tread in.”

It seems Len does like seafood, though even this has its limits. He’ll have cockles and mussels, but not sushi.

Could this be part of why he’s so reluctant to hand out perfect 10s for some freestyle routines?

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