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How Gordon Ramsay Lost 22lb … in One Day!

Posted by on October 13, 2014 at 4:34 PM EST


To be fair, staying in shape can be something of a struggle when, like Scot Gordon Ramsay, you are a celebrity with a hectic lifestyle.

We’ll admit that the Brit, who turns 58 this fall, appears disgusted by much of the food he samples on his shows, like Hotel Hell and MasterChef. So he may not eat that much on the job.

But at least when he does want to indulge in some of the fancy cuisine he evidently knows a lot about, he burns it all off – training for and competing for the triathlons which he told one reporter were his “release.”

Last year, the notoriously aggressive and hard to please cook impressed by finishing the Ironman, even if he was apparently not that satisfied with his time.

Sadly injury is putting him out of action temporarily at the moment, but there’s no doubt he’ll bounce back in style.

Describing last year’s Ironman in one interview, he said: “I lost 22lb in one day! I drank water at every station and my hamstring went at mile 15. It was amazing.”

Training is not all he has on his plate right now (literally) – the chef also reportedly plans to open a traditional British fish and chip shop in Vegas!

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