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Ja Rule: Latest Rapper to Land Own Reality TV Show

Posted by on September 8, 2014 at 9:26 AM EST

Ja Rule

Grammy-nominated rapper Ja Rule has become the one of the latest musicians to get his own reality show; and MTV’s Follow the Rules is a comedic series set to follow life in his hectic home.

Ja Rule, best known for his work with Ashanti and J-Lo, has agreed to let cameras film his extended family, including his wife, two teenage sons, mom and mom-in-law, while he tries to keep control of them – all under the same roof.

MTV’s programming head Susanne Daniels said in a statement: “This is modern reality, rap-based version of The Cosby Show. Ja Rule’s parenting still feels fresh and funny. We’re excited!”

Ja Rule himself took to Twitter to share the news, where he said he would be showcasing his “crazy” family and that it was “gonna be a lot of fun.”

The move follows a revelation earlier in the year that the artist had plans to release a cookbook of microwave recipes.

Picture: Larry Busacca/Getty Images for Overture Films



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