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Duck Dynasty to be blown out of the water?

Posted by on August 11, 2014 at 4:40 PM EST


Facebook fans convinced A&E to put Duck Dynasty back on our screens, but could they have won the battle only to lose the war?

The reality show has been ailing, to say the least, since Phil Robertson aired some pretty controversial views on homosexuality, not to mention race relations. And, after a disappointing Iowa State Fair Appearance, could the family’s show be on the way out for good?

Pa Robertson has so far avoided much extra controversy, but it’s fair to say that the show just isn’t the redneck TV sensation it may have been just a year ago. Whether it just needs some exciting new storylines we don’t know, but there just isn’t the Twitter interest, for example, that there used to be.

The family’s outing to the state fair, where a number of them decided to air their singing voices, was one recent attempt to boost their profile.

No explanation was given for Phil’s absence, though Uncle Si and Willie were, as ever, highly entertaining.

What’s more, attendance at the state fair wasn’t even that great either, and it hasn’t been at other events this summer.

What do you think? Is this show a goner? And do you want it to be?

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