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Virgin Territory for MTV

Posted by on July 18, 2014 at 6:02 AM EST

Luke, who appears on the US reality TV show Virgin Territory

In the US, we’re not exactly strangers to controversy. We’ve seen brides competing for plastic surgery, strangers getting married at their first meeting, and adopted kids winning money for correctly guessing their parentage.

But, with Virgin Territory has MTV struck a new low? It follows a group of, er, first-timers as they decide whether or to take the plunge and have sex.

Maybe it’s that surprising a move – we’ve already seen the likes of 16 and Pregnant and Teen Mom, after all.

This latest offering features 15 youngsters aged 18 to 23, who  have not so far had sexual intercourse.

According to the show’s publicity, these guys veer between “those who are hanging on to their virginity and those who are desperate to lose it.”

During the course of the season, some of the participants will become ex-virgins.

The show has already drawn criticism. The Parents’ Television Council, for example, has told Fox News: “Based on the way it is being advertised, we’re not anticipating they are going to treat the subject with respect.”

And it seems that even MTV itself had a bit of an internal debate over whether it really wanted to go ahead, before deciding it would.

A spokesman for the network said: “MTV has a legacy of documenting the lives of young adults and of thought-provoking programming.”

In the first show, lasting an hour, we met college student Kyle, who is at pains to keep his lack of experience from his hard-partying friends. But if they didn’t know about it before, they sure will now …

What do you think about the idea of this show? A responsible discussion of sexual health or taking reality TV too far?

Pic: MTV


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