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Kanye West Insulted by Crowd at Bonnaroo Festival

Posted by on June 16, 2014 at 4:23 AM EST

Kanye West's Bonnaroo Return: Minimal 'Yeezus' & Maximum Media Hate During Inspiring Set

Well, it wasn’t quite the reception he was waiting for … Kanye West was booed by the 90,000-plus crowd during his performance at the Bonnaroo Music Festival (which may have to be renamed Boo-naroo) in Manchester, Tennessee, last Friday, where he was the 10pm headline act.

The two-hour set was the second time the 37-year-old rapper had performed at this event, and it seems it was a mid-song rant in which he took a swipe at the “press”, that sparked the audience’s jeers. He went on to boast about his work ethic and his dedication to his craft. Apparently, Bruno Mars, Jay Z and the Superbowl were also the targets of his ire, and large numbers of fans left as the rant continued.

It seems Mr West is has been badly irritated by the press, which maybe down to his 2008 set, in which he ended up on stage at 4.30am. At the time, the rapper wrote a lengthy blog post blaming Pearl Jam for running late and claimed organizers of the festival hadn’t prepped his show properly.

This time, as well as the boos, there were graffiti insults at various places across the festival site.

Anyways, whatever the problems, the boy at least had the comfort of the support of new wife Kim Kardashian, who was watching backstage.

She posted a picture of herself in the wings, and Tweeted: “Hey 100,000 people! #Bonnaroo.”

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