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Fox Pulls “I Wanna Marry Harry” After Just Four Eps!

Posted by on June 13, 2014 at 5:22 AM EST

Would you believe it?: A group of girls are competing for the heart of this man, who they believe is Prince Harry

It seems as if the plug is being pulled on “I Wanna Marry Harry” after just four shows.

The Fox reality dating strand featured 12 all-American ladies as they competed to capture the heart of “Harry”  – in truth not a prince, as they had been led to believe, but just a regular English guy, Matt Hicks.

The network’s decision to drop the show follows a run of poor viewing figures, say reports.

The vacant spots will be filled with re-runs of things like Family Guy, The Mindy Project and New Girl.

However, I Wanna Marry Harry isn’t disappearing completely. Unaired episodes can still be seen on other channels including FOX NOW, Hulu, Fox.com and Fox On Demand – as from now. Equally, if a slot opens up, the network hasn’t ruled out airing the so far unseen broadcasts at a later date.

The show’s premier took place right after American Idol’s season 14 final performance on May 20. But it pulled in below two million viewers, while Tuesday’s most recent ep had fewer than a million tuning in, making the show the lowest-rated original series of any to have been shown on a major network.

What do you think? Glad to see it go? Indifferent? Or will you miss it?

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