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Teresa and Joe Giudice: “Remain Close” Despite Impending Fraud Sentencing

Posted by on June 12, 2014 at 11:23 AM EST


You might have thought that the fraud scandal surrounding Real Housewives of New Jersey stars Joe and Teresa Giudice would be putting unbearable pressure on the pair’s relationship, if not sounding the death knell on it altogether.

Then there’s been all the rumors, true or otherwise, about Joe’s womanizing, which would be enough to stress out any couple, never mind one in the public eye.

But, actually, you’d be wrong. For it’s being reported that, as their sentencing date approaches, the couple are “closer than ever.”

The Giudices’ crisis manager has said the endless rumors of marital woes are entirely untrue. Not only that but the two of them have been spending A LOT of time together lately.

The spokeswoman, Wendy Feldman, added: “As a couple going through a particularly difficult time, I have been impressed that they have stayed as close as ever. “

And it’s true that the two have been seen out and about at a number of events, from cheer contests to dance meets – all endlessly documented on Twitter.

And they will be spending more time together it seems, at a soccer game this weekend.

Teresa and Joe Giudice face 30 counts of financial fraud and potentially heavy fines or even jail. Equally, as a non-US citizen, Joe could be deported back to Italy.Bravo has so far adopted a “wait and see” approach to whether their reality shows should be axed.


Photo: Teresa Giudice/Twitter



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