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The Bachelor: Juan Pablo Gavais “Wants Nikki Ferell to be a Model”

Posted by on April 29, 2014 at 8:29 AM EST

'The Bachelor' Roundup: Updates on Juan Pablo and Nikki, Plus Former Contestants Tie the Knot

Juan Pablo Gavais, the 32-year-old entertainment consultant and star of the eighteenth outing of The Bachelor, is reported to be encouraging his girlfriend, the season’s winner Nikki Ferrell, to abandon her job as a pediatric nurse and make the most of her new-found fame to work as TV personality or model in Miami.

This despite the many times Galvais has said on camera that he “respected and admired” Ferrell’s passion for her job.

Anyways, that’s what a friend of the former pro soccer player has told a magazine. But there could be just one problem. It seems that, for her part, Nikki actually really loves her work, so leaving it behind could be a wrench.

But we think 26-year-old Nikki is planning a move from Kansas City to be near her man in Miami, where he lives with his family including young daughter Camila.

The Bachelor ended last month with, controversially, no proposal or even a profession of love from Galvais, but it seems the two of them have spent a lot of time together since to make things work.

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