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The Bachelor Latest: Final Four Named as one Girl Turns Back on Juan Pablo

Posted by on February 19, 2014 at 6:02 AM EST

It’s been quite an experience so far for Juan Pablo Galavis on The Bachelor, and now it’s just about time for the hometown trips!

In a week of high emotion, Juan Pablo sent yet another bachelorette on her way, while another hit the road herself, as she left the show and the single father behind.

The lady in question, Sharleen Joynt, seems to have been one of this particular bachelor’s favorites, but she clearly decided she wanted out, even though their one-on-one date appeared to have gone well, with some great conversation.

Giving it to Juan Pablo straight, she went to his hotel room to tell him: “The idea of a proposal doesn’t seem possible to me. I don’t want you to think that I’ve wasted your time.”

A visibly shaken Juan Pablo wept after she’d left and told the camera that Sharleen would have had a hometown. But, then again, it had already come out via social media that Sharleen was never doing this show to find love anyway.

Afterward, Galavis sent home Chelsie at the rose ceremony, so that leaves Clare, Renne, Nikki and Andi.

He has since taken to Twitter to say he even hopes his daughter, now 15, will do the show in the years ahead. Well, we’ll have a while to wait for that one – but we hope this bachelor gets his happy ending.

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