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Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt Desperate for Fame and Attention

Posted by on September 30, 2010 at 8:43 PM EST

heidi-montag-spencer-pratt-fameIs Heidi Montag and husband Spencer Pratt desperate for attention, scamming us for fame or really reconnecting?

I can’t decide if Heidi Montag is just desperate to be famous and shameless or if she is simply clueless. Back in July Heidi filed divorce papers against her husband Spencer Pratt. After spending some alone time with him in Costa Rica and “reconnecting” she has filed papers now to rescind the divorce. The couple is staying together and trying to work this out. Of course this “alone” time included her posing for a few bikini filled fun in the surf photo shoots and him offering to sell a reported sex tape. It looks like the sex tape was all a made up story to get themselves some press and the bikini shots were simply to remind the public that she has huge fake melons. The couple spent this alone time in the public eye then came home and magically all was well.

I personally think they never broke up and this has all been an elaborate scam on the public. Heidi Montag is clearly jealous of the Lauren Conrad’s success in fashion and as an author and it must be eating her up that 20 million people are seeing Audrina Patridge dance each week on Dancing With the Stars. Not to mention everyone telling Audrina how hot she looks. Heidi was always the hot one on the show so she must be turning herself inside out at the attention Audrina is getting for her looks. It seems to me that it is no coincidence that Heidi seems to suddenly pop up somewhere or makes an announcement shortly after these two do something of merit. Lauren Conrad recently announced she is getting a new show on MTV. Audrina has a new show on MTV and this week she made strides forward on Dancing With the Stars. So Heidi, not to be outdone by her fellow The Hills castmates, has to claw away at her piece of the pie. First she staged a public exhibition where she shaved off Spencer’s creepy beard (note to Spencer, Joaquin Phoenix did the creepy beard thing first and much better) and now she announces that she is staying married.

So this begs the question. Is she really that desperate for attention? Does she really have so little to offer the world that she thinks she needs to tell us about her every move and show that she is still a star? I actually think she is being manipulated by Spencer Pratt who clearly loves the spotlight and seems to be shameless about keeping himself in it. Maybe he has convinced her that if they just tread water in the bucket of fame they can make a career of this. The reality is that they are on about minute 14 of their 15 minutes of fame. People stay famous for a long time because they have a skill or a talent or something of value to offer the public. These two have none of the above. The only thing they excel at are being douches and last time I checked you don’t get a star on the Hollywood’s Walk of Fame for that.



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