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Why She’s Still Jenny from the Block!

Posted by on January 31, 2014 at 5:18 PM EST

Just hanging out: JLo has claimed the music clip was a spontaneous homage to where she grew up

American Idol judge Jennifer Lopez seems determined to prove that she’s still the same girl who grew up in the Bronx.

Now 44, and a superstar singer and actor as well as a reality show judge, J-Lo returns to “the block” of her old neighborhood in her latest single, Same Girl, which comes from her forthcoming 10th studio album.

The video from the track shows our girl as she strolls around her old hood while of course looking super glamorous at the same time.

The singer claims the clip is made from a day when she a few girlfriends just headed out to places where she was raised.

“I called my girlfriends and some photographer friends. We just grabbed a camera, jumped on the train, left the city and ran around the Bronx.”

However, is it really as spontaneous as it claims to be? Did she really just happen to have a youth orchestra and a gaggle of perfectly styled girlfriends in tow?

Still, set up or not, Jenny from the Block looks pretty amazing as she runs around in her very tight jeans singing: “I’m tired of trying to make you see that I’m still me.”

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