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Yolanda Foster Opens Up about Lyme Disease

Posted by on December 23, 2013 at 1:46 PM EST

yolanda foster lyme disease struggle

When it comes to The Real Housewives of Beverley Hills, there’s always some drama or other going on. But cast member Yolanda Foster, it would seem, has more on her plate than most.

The Dutch-American model, TV personality and interior designer, who turns 50 next month, has confessed that, while new treatment for the disease is helping her, the whole thing is still messing with her mind.

She says:

“Unfortunately, I won’t be able to write a blog because my brain is out of order right now. I have begun a 20-day intense treatment to try and repair the neurological damage from the disease. But, unfortunately, the symptoms are worse the before the treatment began.”

However, it seems that the reality TV star is taking things in her stride and had been warned in advance that this would be the case and that her condition would likely get worse before it improved. We hope you’re better soon, Yolanda!

  • Lyme disease is a bacterial infection spread to humans by infected ticks. Early symptoms include a rash, and flu-like symptoms – but if the illness is not treated, muscle and joint pain and swelling of the joints can follow, as can neurological symptoms, including temporary paralysis in the face.

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