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Kim Kardashian Answers Critics Over Charity Auction

Posted by on December 11, 2013 at 5:24 AM EST

At a recent eBay charity auction, Keeping up with the Kardashians star Kim decided to keep 90% of the money made for herself, a decision which generated a lot of, shall we say, interest.

Now the reality TV queen has responded to her critics on her blog and, we guess unsurprisingly, she’s not all that happy about being vilified in the way she has been.

Many fans, again unsurprisingly, wanted to see more of the money from the auction go to the cause for which it was intended – last month’s deadly typhoon in the Philippines. However, anyone thinking that Kimmy may change her mind could have a long wait – based on the blog post, it seems there are no plans for the First Lady of reality TV to have a change of heart  and increase her donation.

Kim began her post by saying how offended she was at being “attacked for giving and trying to help others.” She went on to say: “I do eBay auctions monthly, so the typhoon one was in no way an isolated event. I change the charity or church from time to time and always give 10% of my earnings to charity, not just what I make from these eBay auctions.”

Kim also took the chance to stress that the “haters” should take eBay listing fees, and other associated costs into account before they blast her, given that these take up half of all sale profits. Of course, that still means she gets to keep 40% of money made from her “charity” efforts.

What do you think? Fair enough – or not?

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