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Graham Elliott: 5K Run after Losing Nearly 130lb

Posted by on December 6, 2013 at 1:59 PM EST

He’s the cuddly MasterChef host and restaurateur we all love – but we’ll be seeing a lot less of him from now on – around 130lb less, in fact!

Graham Elliott, self-confessed former “Navy brat” who worked his way up from being a dish washer, is looking a lot slimmer and healthier after losing 128lb – and recently took part in in his first 5K fun run, the Ditka Dash in his native Chicago.

Thirtysomething Elliott told an interviewer: “I have been training since the summer, working up to runs of three miles. The feeling of crossing the finish line was an amazing one of accomplishment.”

One of three hosts on the popular reality show, Graham had a sleeve gastrectomy procedure back in the summer. Since then he’s come down from a hefty 396lb to a much healthier 268lb.

He was pictured after the race beaming with wife Allie, sporting skin tight leggings and looking pretty good on his newly healthy lifestyle.

It’s been quite a year for Elliott, who has also opened a new eatery in Greenwich, Connecticut in 2013. He admits losing weight and getting fit has not all been easy – but now he’s considering joining co-hosts Gordon Ramsay and Joe Bastianich in next year’s Chicago marathon.

Way to go, Graham!

Photo: Graham Elliott




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