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Cheryl Cole Wins X Factor USA Pay-Off

Posted by on November 28, 2013 at 12:23 PM EST

Cheryl Cole

The British pop star Cheryl Cole has won an undisclosed sum in a payout from the makers of X Factor USA, who dropped the singer in 2011 after she had filmed just a single episode of the reality crooning show.

Cole, 30, was apparently fired after concerns that her accent (she is from Newcastle in the north of England, where accents are strong and distinctive) would not be understood by viewers in the US.

The Girls Aloud group member sued producers Blue Orbit for $2.3m for loss of earnings earlier in the year and the matter has now been agreed out of court.

The Brit was replaced by Nicole Scherzinger in May 2011, after Cole had attended auditions in just a couple of American cities. The resulting footage made the first hour of the show’s premiere, and critical reaction was not all bad. One critic said Scherzinger was “not an obvious improvement”, while the Los Angeles Times described Cole’s accent as “fabulous.”

An official reason was never given for her departure, although the singer had originally been signed up to make two seasons of the reality show. She was promised $3.8mn dollars in all, payable even if she were to be let go, and argued that she had only been paid for the first series, while additional expenses were also outstanding. Cole was suing for this money, as well as legal fees and interest.

A spokesman for Cheryl Cole said the matter had been resolved “amicably”.

Cole has been working on her fourth album, due for release next year, while music and media mogul Simon Cowell has hinted he may ask her to return to the UK version of X Factor, while not ruling out the possibility of returning to the judging panel in Britain himself.

In the US, he faces plunging ratings, and the prospect of cancellation looming at the end of its current run.

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