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Is American Idol A Sinking Ship? Judges Seats In the News

Posted by on September 30, 2010 at 5:36 PM EST

american idol foxIs the hit singing competition American Idol on FOX a sinking ship? It must be if where the judges sit is the only news from American Idol.

It seems like maybe the juggernaut that is American Idol is a little bit worried. While we are still a ways away from the show actually beginning to air, American Idol has been in the news a lot recently as they scrambled to replace Ellen DeGeneres, Kara Dioguardi and most importantly Simon Cowell. When Simon announced that he would be leaving American Idol at the end of last season a mad scramble ensued. His became one of the most sought after chairs in Hollywood. Forget the multi-million dollar salary that would go along with it, sitting in front of millions of viewers each week can turn you into a mega star in no time. Raise your hand if you had ever heard of Simon Cowell or Randy Jackson before American Idol. Paula Abdul had a name, but she hadn’t had a song on the charts in well over a decade. Suddenly all three of them were some of the hottest names in the business.

As names ranging from Tommy Mottola to Howard Stern were tossed around it suddenly seemed like AI was a little desperate. Not only were they replacing the star of their show, but also he was starting up a similar show to compete with them. They knew they needed a big name to fill his seat and eventually settled on Jennifer Lopez and shortly after that Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler joined the fold to round out the panel. Tyler might be the perfect fit for the show. He has been there and done that. He has seen it all from scuffling club shows to sold out arenas and most importantly he sings live. Jennifer Lopez is known for lip-synching her live performances and, if we are being honest as Simon Cowell used to say, she mostly got her record deal because she was a well-known actress.

As the first round of judging gets underway this week one on the main press releases from American Idol was where the judges would be sitting. Really? This is the best they have? For the record Randy Jackson will be taking Simon Cowell’s old seat while Steven Tyler takes Randy’s spot. Jennifer Lopez will fill the middle seat. Lopez has said her judging style will be a mix of “tough, easy and fair.” Ryan Seacrest has said of the new panel, “The chemistry is fantastic between these three. You know, they’re having a good time.”

So now we all know who is sitting where and we know that JLO will be tough, easy and fair. The question is who will be the real tough one? Who will be really honest with the contestants? Does Randy Jackson have the chops to drop the “Dog” routine of past seasons and tell it like it is or will that job fall onto Steven Tyler? These are things we will only find out once the show starts to air, but if you ask me it looks like American Idol, for maybe the first time since its debut, is a little bit scared. It will be interesting to see how this season unfolds, especially if Simon Cowell’s X-Factor suddenly starts beating them in the ratings.



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