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Kim Kardashian Turns Tables on Photographers!

Posted by on October 8, 2013 at 10:14 AM EST


It’s part and parcel of daily life for most celebs, and we guess you just learn to live with it. But every now and then, they like to get their own back a little bit.

Take Kim Kardashian. (Someone, please.) The Keeping Up star decided to have a laugh at the photographers’ expense recently on a shopping trip with mom Kris Jenner and buddy Jonathan Cheban.

While they ran into the mall, followed by the paps, Kimmy waited in the car. She even filmed the hapless photographers as they ran after her mom and friend, totally unaware that the woman who would have been their main target was hiding out in the car all the while. And the occasion clearly made the day of the reality TV star.

In the resulting video, posted online, Kim says: “I can’t believe they didn’t see me! They all surrounded the car and I’m just sitting there! This is the best day ever!”

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