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The Apprentice Season 10 Preview: Puppy Hotels and Puppy Poop

Posted by on September 30, 2010 at 12:43 PM EST

the apprentice season 10The Apprentice Season 10 will be on tonight and Donald Trump has quite the poopy task for the candidates.

After Donald Trump’s competitive ice cream challenge last week, tension among The Apprentice candidates is at an all time high. James and David have gone from simply being of different worlds to flat out not liking each other which should lead to some fireworks this week as James is selected project manager for the men’s team on week 3 of The Apprentice Season 10.

This week Donald Trump has the teams open up competing hotels for dogs. The idea is fun because it makes the competitors get down and dirty. Not only do they have to sell and get business, but they have to do the dirty work as well. We get to see them pick up poop, wash dogs and care for unruly dogs. But watching and caring for dogs isn’t all fun and pooper scoopers. Look for plenty of tension on both teams as the poop hits the fan in tonight’s episode of The Apprentice.

James and David clash once again. This time David seems out to sabotage the project so that they can lose and James actually benches him, removing him from the team for part of the competition. To say that David is not happy on this task of The Apprentice Season 10 is an understatement. The women aren’t getting along any better as Liza continues to clash with her team.

If the previews and sneak peeks that have leaked are any indication this episode will have the most drama, and potential laughs of this The Apprentice season so far. Regardless of which team wins there will be some bloodshed in the boardroom as all the players work hard to stand out and impress Donald Trump. Alex being fired last week sent a message. If you stay quiet and don’t fight for yourself, you get fired. I don’t think the rest of the candidates for The Apprentice Season 10 have much trouble fighting so look for them to plenty of it.

Tune in tonight, as The Apprentice Season 10 will return at 10/9c on NBC.



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