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Winner Takes all as Biggest Loser Reaches Climax

Posted by on March 20, 2013 at 11:04 AM EST

The 14th season of The Biggest Loser reached its finale this week as the winner out of the 18 participants was crowned and given their $250,000 prize to take home.

And that winner was … Danni Allen, who lost an awesome 137 pounds after originally tipping the scales at a pretty hefty 258 pounds, which means she lost nearly 50% of her initial body weight and has b ecome about half the woman she used to be!

Second placed Jeff Nichols lost a similar proportion of his weight, 46.6% as opposed to Danni’s 46.9%, so it was a nail-bitingly close finish. His drop was from 388 pounds to 207.

Meanwhile, Jackson Carter in third place lost nearly 140 pounds in all, going from 328 pounds to a much trimmer 190, meaning more than 40% of his body weight vanished.

Finally, she may have been eliminated, but Gina McDonald still managed to net $100,000 during the finale, having shed an impressive 113 pounds at home.

We take our hats off to all of them! We love this show – and loved this season.

Picture credit: courtesy of Chris Haston/NBC.




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