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Coach Jimmy Johnson Voted Off Of Survivor: Nicaragua

Posted by on September 30, 2010 at 11:06 AM EST

jimmy johnson survivorCoach Jimmy Johnson finally met his match when Survivor: Nicaragua aired last night on CBS.

Coach Jimmy Johnson finally met his match last night on Survivor. As Survivor: Nicaragua got underway there was no way for Jimmy Johnson to hide his identity. As the two-time Super Bowl winning of the Dallas Cowboys and an NFL analyst for ESPN he is a very pubic figure. Those players who didn’t know who he was right from the start soon did. Jimmy Johnson did what he could for this season of Survivor. He took a leadership role and told the older tribe that the jury was never going to give him a million dollars, but he could help one of them win the million. He had to coach his heart out if he wanted to survive. Eventually, the team turned on him and last night his time on Survivor: Nicaragua came to an end.

As the episode of Survivor opened we saw the two teams around their camps. The older tribe was getting food. They caught some fish with their newly earned fishing gear and they looked for fruit. Marty and Jill had found the hidden immunity idol and Jill convinced Marty to show it to the tribe and tell them they would use it after a merge. Some liked that he did that; some thought it might be a bad move. At the younger camp NaOnka was still getting on everyone’s nerves as she talked about those who were in Shannon’s alliance now acting like they were happy he was gone and the tribe was united. She was right, they were lying and playing the game, but everything that comes out of her mouth is annoying and really needs to be voted off of Survivor.

At the challenge both teams had to race to collect 10 large wooden barrels and roll them into an area. Once all the barrels were in the correct area they set them up on stands then one tribe member had to stand behind a line and toss sandbags onto the barrels. The first four barrels were close, then next three further away and so on. Tyrone started for the older tribe with Benry working for the younger. Tyrone helped the older jump out to a quick 5-3 lead. Benry let someone else take over while he rested, but Tyrone stayed in there and rattled off a lot of misses. When Benry checked back in he caught fire and jumped to the lead. Finally Jimmy Johnson took Jimmy T’s advice and put Jimmy T in for Tyrone. He got a quick score, but it was too little too late. The younger tribe of Survivor: Nicaragua won immunity as well as a reward of fruit and spices.

As the younger tribe gathered the fruit, NaOnka and Kelly B both saw a paper hidden in the bottom of the basket. As soon as they got to camp NaOnka dropped her side of the basket, tackled Kelly B and wrestled the paper (which was a clue to the hidden immunity idol) away from her. In the process she smashed several bananas, further angering her tribe, but she could care less.

At the older tribe’s camp they debated who to vote off. Many people wanted Dan because his knee was clearly bad and he was getting slower and slower every day. Marty wanted Jimmy Johnson gone and worked his fellow tribe mates to follow his lead. At tribal council they all talked about this vote making the tribe stronger. Jeff Probst asked each of the tribe members if they thought they were one of the weaker members of the tribe. Each one answered no. Jimmy Johnson was the last person he asked. Jimmy told Jeff Probst that he was the oldest member of the tribe and probably one of the weaker members. The tribe took that as a queue and voted him out. During the after tribal confessional Jimmy Johnson said that Survivor was amazing, but it was the hardest thing he had ever done and he was pretty miserable the entire time he was out there.

Tune in when Survivor Nicaragua returns next Wednesday night at 8|7c on CBS.



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