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Lopez Sued for Reality Show

Posted by on December 14, 2012 at 5:24 AM EST

A man from Louisiana is suing Jennifer Lopez after he appeared on her reality TV show Big Easy Justice.

The series is produced by J-Lo’s Nuyorican Productions alongside Al Roker Entertainment (owned by the Today show weatherman) for Spike TV and features a bounty hunter named Tat-2 as he tracks down elusive New Orleans criminals.

Now it seems a man of 19 says he was wrongly accused on the show of being a criminal.

The suit against the singer has been filed by Everette Draughn, who says he was named in a “nationally televised manhunt” as a grand theft auto suspect and fugitive.

The episode in questions was shown back in April. Neither J-Lo nor Al appeared.

Everette claims there has been a mix-up for which producers are responsible, and that he sustained injuries and damages to his reputation during the hunt, and felt pressurized into signing a release form allowing his footage to be shown.

Producers did not comment on the case, Spike TV says it doesn’t comment on active cases and the amount of damages being sought has not been specified.

Picture: KP / Splash News


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