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Fired British Judge Cheryl Cole Sues X Factor USA

Posted by on December 10, 2012 at 3:06 PM EST

 Last year, she was the Brit with the funny northern English accent who no-one Stateside could understand. Then singer Cheryl Cole, 29, was unceremoniously fired from the US version of the X Factor, and it’s been reported she’s taking the hit reality music show to court.

She was axed after just three weeks. Now, in a move that has stunned Hollywood, she has placed a claim in a court in LA saying a contractual clause entitles her to the money she was promised for the second season of the show, along with a string of other benefits.

The 11-page lawsuit filed before the weekend maintains that she was paid her salary for season one but that the producers still owe her for the show’s second season along with thousands of dollars to cover a wardrobe and stylist allowance, living allowance and living expenses.

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