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Lone Star: Fox’s First Fall TV Show Cancelled

Posted by on September 29, 2010 at 7:10 PM EST

lone star foxFox’s Lone Star is the first of the Fall TV shows to be cancelled.

The fall television season has its first casualty as the FOX show Lone Star gets canceled after only two episodes.

Lone Star was a show that had an interesting premise. James Wolk played Robert/Bob Allen a very charismatic if not brilliant schemer who is married to his beautiful wife Cat (Adrianne Palicki). They live in Houston and have a nice life together. Cat’s father Clint (John Voight) is a very rich oil baron who Bob wants desperately to impress so that he can be brought into the fold and trusted with the family fortune. 400 miles away Bob is known as Robert. Here he has a sweet, if not naïve girlfriend Lindsay (Eloise Mumford) and is working hard to bilk local investors out of their savings. Robert/Bob must walk the tightrope between these two scheming lives as he tries to steal millions from everyone around him.

The idea of Lone Star is interesting, but the public didn’t bite. The first episode brought in 4.1 million viewers. While that isn’t terrible, the second episode only got 3.2 million viewers. When you lose about 22% of your audience after one episode, the executives always get nervous.

There were options left open to FOX. A show like Lone Star might need time to build an audience. They could have switched it to another night or even moved it over to their cable channel FX where there would be less pressure for ratings and more freedom to let them spice the show up a little bit. FOX could have even opted to shelve Lone Star and bring it back in the spring as a spring/summer show where ratings are such a big deal.

I get the feeling that ultimately they decided that Lone Star was one of those shows that if you didn’t get into it in the first few episodes you weren’t going to get into it because you could be lost in the storyline so they decided to just cut their loses and move on. There is no information yet on what may replace Lone Star at its time slot on FOX.

Once again we say farewell to Lone Star, the first TV show of the fall lineup to be cancelled.



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