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Breaking Amish: “Fakery” Allegations Tackled Head-On

Posted by on October 26, 2012 at 5:34 PM EST

A two-part reunion special for the TLC reality series Breaking Amish is set to tackle head-on a number of allegations that previous broadcasts were not genuine.

NBC’s Michelle Beadle undertakes hosting duties for the shows, to air on consecutive Sundays, November 11 and November 18.

Participants in the show, Jeremiah, Kate, Abe, Sabrina and Rebecca, will have the chance to address the whispers that have been doing the rounds about them in recent months, claiming that the cast members are not everything they have claimed to be.

Reportedly, they had already lived apart from their communities before the cameras rolled. Yet the show purported to depict the stars leaving behind strict Mennonite and Amish families for the first time, to chase their dreams in New York.

TLC says of the reunions: “From hook-ups and drunken fights, to whether any of them have married, had children or got into trouble with the law, this is a raw discussion with frank details about their relationships and lives.”

You can see for yourself and make your own mind up on those Sundays, November 11 and 18, at 10pm ET/PT, on TL.

Pic credit: TLC.



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