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Bon Voyage! Three Captains Quit Deadliest Catch On Discovery Channel

Posted by on September 29, 2010 at 4:06 PM EST

deadliest catchThree captains of the hit show Deadliest Catch on Discovery Channel have quit.

Last season on the hit Discovery Channel show, Deadliest Catch, we all mourned the loss of the beloved Captain Phil Harris. Now we are faced with the loss of three more Deadliest Catch captains, Andy Hillstrand, Johnathan Hillstrand and Sig Hansen.

For Johnathan Hillstrand and Andy Hillstrand their time on Deadliest Catch has finally ran aground. The two Hillstrand brothers and captains of the Time Bandit vessel on Deadliest Catch are calling it quits on the Discovery Channel reality TV show.

While it is just speculation at this point, it is said the Hillstrand brothers have quit Deadliest Catch because of the recent lawsuit brought against them by Discovery Channel. In the $3 million suit, the Hillstrand brothers supposedly breached their contract on a spin-off series entitled “Hillstranded” that they were supposed to do for Discovery Channel.

In an interview with Hollywood Report, the Hillstrand brothers stated: “We have been through a lot over the past year and unfortunately given the current situation with Discovery we are unable to continue participating in Deadliest Catch.”

Andy Hillstrand and Johnathan Hillstrand, stars of Discovery Channel’s Deadliest Catch also stated: “It has been a fantastic ride, and we wish the best to all of the amazing and supportive Catch fans we have met over the years.”

Of course, news of Captains quitting has already reached the crabbing fleet and for one ships captain, it marks the end of the road for him as well. That’s right, because the Hillstrands are leaving Deadliest Catch, Sig Hansen of the Northwestern has also announced that he will be quitting the reality TV show on Discovery Channel.

Sig Hansen went on record stating: “I want people to know the captains stand together, and me and my brothers support them 100 percent.”

The fate of Deadliest Catch is looking grim, as pretty soon they will have no one left to follow. With the death of Captain Phil Harris last season and now the three captains, Andy Hillstrand, Johnathan Hillstrand and Sig Hansen leaving, Discovery Channel better fix things and fix them fast.

What I want to know is why Discovery Channel would sue the Hillstrands after they have made them so much money with the show Deadliest Catch. It looks like Discovery Channel just screwed up bad and they might not be able to salvage the show we have all come to love.

We tried to contact Discovery Channel for an official statement on the Deadliest Catch Hillstrand brothers issue and so far we have not yet received a response.



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