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The Bachelorette – It’s Nearly all Over!

Posted by on July 10, 2012 at 6:25 PM EST

It may seem hard to believe, but our work with The Bachelorette is nearly all done … And so Emily headed off to Curacao with three guys – “love at first sight” Sean, skinny hipster Jeff, and Arie – with whom our heroine says she felt “literally an almost immediate connection.”

Sean enjoyed a helicopter ride and even a little messing around in the “fantasy suite” with Emily, but didn’t spend the night there.

With Jef, Emily hit the beach, then he managed to ask her a lot of weirdly downbeat and unromantic questions, focusing on where they would live and the like. In the end, they both sort of turned each other and the prospect of the fantasy suite down.

The third date involved dolphins! Em and Arie evidently seem to enjoy fooling around together.  Sometimes, they even manage to actually have a conversation! But, in the end, Emily doesn’t play the fantasy suite card, saying she didn’t trust herself.

Ultimately, it was Sean who was going home. And we have to say Emily seems to have behaved with more dignity and steeliness than just about any star of this show.

At this point, it’s just too hard to tell who will get the final rose. We’re counting the days, hours and seconds till next time …

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