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Bachelorette Hots Up as Emily Says it’s Love … with More than one Guy!

Posted by on July 5, 2012 at 5:41 PM EST

It’s official – single gal Emily Maynard is falling in lurve on The Bachelorette. The really interesting part? By her own admission, she’s got feelings for more than just one guy!

Excitement is reaching fever pitch with the original group of 25 eligible bachelors narrowed down to just three – step forward Arie Luyendyk Jr., Jef Holm and Sean Lowe, left vying for her heart after she sent Chris Bukowski packing this week.

While it’s becoming a bit of a cliché season after season, the well-worn line that she is “in love with more than one person” really does seem to apply in Emily’s case, with reports that Jef, Sean and Arie have all found places in the 26-year-old’s affections.

Whatever happens, this won’t be an easy call for young Emily. With overnight dates coming up in Curacao, time for Emily to make her mind up is seriously starting to run out.

And, of course, not only is she looking for a great husband for herself, but for her child, Ricki, too.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, then, there have also been reports of Emily getting increasingly stressed out, and worried more and more about her appearance. Hang on in there, Em!

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